Not so Mini Minnie

Mary just showed me a pic of a badly disabled Great Dane at the clinic who has been having treatment but isn’t responding well and is in a bad way. I told her to bring her home. I hope I don’t regret it.

I decided to call her Minnie. Her back end can’t support her at the moment so I have to carry her in and out of the house every couple of hours and have managed to use some Yoga mats, kindly donated by the David Garrigues group, to keep her comfy and prevent her from getting sores. She is a lovely thing and very gentle and no barking. She tries to stand up when she needs to go and she is on a special diet of chicken livers and beef to build her up and she has started to put a bit of weight on.

Unfortunately she has quickly deteriorated before my eyes and can’t control her bladder any more and her motions are very bad.

After a few more weeks Minnie passed away. The good news is Mary and I were there with her and holding her for her last few minutes. It is so sad to see and can be prevented if people stop buying from illegal breeders. She had done nothing wrong and was thrown out when they realized that she wasn’t going to be a payday for them due to her disabilities.

I am struggling to cope with it as I have to bury her and this is the worst part of what I am doing – digging so many graves to bury dogs. To make matters worse my back is killing me. To end a very bad day we have had a few brandy and cokes (Mary is on the wine – the cheap stuff). I have had a phone call from the builders to say all the work is now finished.

I spoke to a couple of our friends who are builders and they will go tomorrow to do a snagging list and then they can finish it off. £2000 over budget but rumor has it you can’t take it with you.

We-re gonna need more bricks!

Oops there goes another £1000 I hadn’t budgeted for! More bricks are needed for the dog shelters. The clinic is coming on nicely so we aim to open in August as there is just a small snagging list.

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