New clinic and new house

It is our 1st night in our new house going from a 3 bedroom to a 1 bedrooom house. Not only is it smaller but it is also wrong side up! 3 times on the first night I had to go upstairs for drinks, ice and snacks (kitchen and living room is upstairs). This is now part of my keep fit regime. The trouble is Mary put all the stuff away and I can’t find any clean underpants!

I woke up on the following morning with a lot of worried dogs greeting me all wondering what’s going on. I tried to explain that it won’t rain every night and they will get used to the new place.

It is Saturday night and Mary is working so I am having a brandy and coke and all the dogs are a lot more settled. A big day tomorrow as the new clinic has it’s official opening. Everything is arranged and the V.I.P’s opening it are Mr. and Mrs. Muthoot. Everything has gone well with the opening and the Muthoot’s did a good job. A few visitors came and none of the press came or even told us they weren’t coming but this is typical for Kerala. A tough day for Mary and she got home at 5:30pm. Got changed and had a sandwich and then went off to a “Hard Days Night” in the city for a show and to do some charity promotion. For me it is a Brandy and coke and watching the footy.

The last event of the month is the clinic opening party at Seashore Restaurant with Mary and Rob singing and lots of dancing etc. I can’t go as no one to babysit (Mary and I don’t go out in the evening together as we struggle for babysitters for the dogs). We do go out on average three times a month during the day thanks to John – a fellow Yorkshire man – who babysits for us.

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