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If you want to help the stray dogs but are not able to adopt, why not sponsor one of our permanent residents? These are dogs who have been rescued as pups but have never been chosen for adoption.

See below for some of our dogs that need sponsors!

If you sponsor a dog it will help us to maintain the resident dogs in our care, and continue our ABC (Animal Birth Control) / ARV (Anti Rabies Vaccinations) and Rescue programs. Just choose your sponsor dog and set up a DD or PayPal monthly payment and receive regular updates on how your sponsor dog is doing.

You can donate any amount per month and receive regular updates.

Our Indian charity account details (can only accept rupees):

Account name: Street Dog Watch
Bank: Vijaya Bank
Sort Code: 961631
Account no: 207300301000089

Minty was abandoned with her sister Polo as a 5 week old pup. Polo passed away but Minty is a healthy girl.
Boomer was found in the street with a collar so tight around her neck it had to be cut out and all the skin was gone and it was full of maggots.
Bobby was found abandoned in the street. We thought he would be adopted as he looks like a breed dog but he is still with us after 5 years.
Phil Neville was abandoned as a 6 week old pup with his brother Gary. Both were adopted but the owner had to leave Trivandrum and left them at the house alone.
Gary (Phil’s brother) had a tumor on his foot and had to have 2 toes removed but he gets around fine.
Hilda was abandoned as a young pup with bad skin and was very thin.

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