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Our Mission

Our mission at Street Dog Watch is to:

Sterilise – To keep the stray dog numbers to a manageable level.
Adopt – To re-home abandoned pups.
Vaccinate – To prevent Rabies.
Educate – To ensure the local population understand how to live in harmony with the stray dog population.
Rescue – To treat sick or injured dogs and prevent suffering.

Between 2013 – 2019 we have:

    Sterilised: 2150 dogs
    Re-homed: 450 dogs
    Vaccinated: 4183 dogs

Our History

Our journey in Kerala, India began in 2008 when we rescued a puppy. Since then our life has been fully dedicated to the rehabilitation and population management of street dogs. We have worked tirelessly with little help from any authority and fund the organisation on private donations only.

During our time here we have rescued 1000’s of dogs and sterilised and vaccinated over 2000 dogs preventing the birth of over 60 million street dogs over the years (according to PETA calculations) and therefore reduced the street dog population by a considerable amount.

How Street Dog Watch began!

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Monday—Sunday 10.00am-4.00pm



Mobiles (between 10am-4pm):
+91 80893 14807
+91 87144 51118



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