I have turned into a right scrubber this month! Cleaning the old house and getting ready to move to the new one. Mary has been cleaning out the old clinic along with a few of our helpers. But bad news as the heavens opened and heavy rain has started. Just had a delivery of stone, sand and pipes. Just waiting for fencing – we are told 10 more days but in Kerala that could mean 10 days or 10 months. All the workmen are ready to start but they only work half days at the most due to rain.

As if I am not stressed enough I have just had a phone call about a bull mastiff thrown out in the street. Went to the site and as expected an old girl who had been used for breeding but very friendly. Trying to get a bull mastiff and an old bloke like me in a Rickshaw is bloody hard work.

Finally the rain has stopped so work is underway on the kennels and we have finally decided where to put them and hopefully it will keep them dry and shaded.

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