ABC/ARV Program

ABC | Animal Birth Control

Our yearly beach surveys show the drastic reduction in the number of dogs since we started our ABC program:

  • 2014 – 643 stray/semi owned dogs
  • 2015 – 455 stray/semi owned dogs
  • 2016 – 244 stray/semi owned dogs
  • 2017 – 79 stray/semi owned dogs
  • 2018 – 69 stray/semi owned dogs
  • 2019 – 52 stray/semi owned dogs

To date, we have sterilised 2193 dogs and cats.

ARV | Anti Rabies Vaccinations

Every year Street Dog Watch launches a Rabies Vaccination Project after World Rabies Day. Our aim is to vaccinate as many dogs as possible in Kovalam and surrounding areas by the end of the year. First we have a fundraiser to enable us to buy Vaccines which cost around 30Rs each and we always aim to get enough for 500 vaccines.

2019 was a good year as we raised enough for over 1000 vaccines! We catch and vaccinate as many dogs as possible using our catcher team and volunteers. We usually have 3 teams to catch and hold the dogs, administer the vaccine and keep records. Each dog is sprayed with a non-toxic paint to show it has been done. We will also note any un-sterilised dogs and aim to sterilise them as soon as possible. We have another team of volunteers giving the public and business owners information on the project and the benefit to them. Along with information about our work generally.

Last year Pedigree sponsored the event by providing dog food to entice the dogs as we tried to catch them.

Thank you Pedigree for sponsoring our event!

To date, we have vaccinated 4585 dogs and cats.

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