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We are a stray dog charity established in 2008 based in Kovalam, South India. Our main areas of focus are Sterilise, Adopt, Vaccinate, Educate, and Rescue. We receive no Government funding and rely solely on private donations. We appreciate your support!


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Minty was abandoned with her sister Polo as a 5 week old pup. Polo passed away but Minty is a healthy girl. Sponsor Minty →


Boomer was found in the street with a collar so tight around her neck it had to be cut out and all the skin was gone and it was full of maggots. Sponsor Boomer →


Bobby was found abandoned in the street. We thought he would be adopted as he looks like a breed dog but he is still with us after 5 years. Sponsor Bobby →

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We have been in Kerala rescuing dogs for 12 years. Here is our story!

Some of our dogs during Covid-19 lockdown.

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