The majority of our rescues are dogs with maggot wounds or mange which can get worse very quickly if not treated. If caught early enough and there is no infection they can be treated quite successfully.

Severe Mange
Ear Infection & Maggot Wound

Another main problem is road accidents causing broken legs. This is more difficult as usually by the time we are informed of the problem the bone has already started to heal and there is little we can do. In severe cases the dog will be paralysed and then our only option is to euthanise as we have no facility to cater for more than 1 or 2 severely disabled dogs.

Permanent residents Destiny & Piglet, both victims of road accidents.

Our other rescues come from collecting puppies collected up by locals in bags or boxes that have been thrown into water channels or ditches and left to die. The mortality rate for these puppies is very high as often they are far too young to be without their mothers.

Puppies left in a box outside.
Puppies found abandoned in a bag.

Since we receive no government funding and rely solely on private donations, the rescue work we can do is limited. If you would like to send our dogs a gift, please view our Amazon Wishlist.

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