Dog Day Diary

With prices constantly rising we have created a wishlist to improve conditions for dogs in our care, while also reducing our current expenses, so that we can do more rescues & sterilisations.

SDW Wishlist:
We need facilities to cook food for 120 dogs & save money monthly on dry food –
1) Stove – rs5000
2) 30kg cooking pot – rs10,000
3)Cooking utensils – rs1000
4) Chest freezer – rs16,0000

We need to make shelter improvements to better protect dogs from the sun and rain –
5) Rescue building gates = rs10,000
6) Rescue building xtra lighting = rs3000
7) Gate/Wall and floor Painting= rs8000
8) New puppy Shelter roof rs20,000

Target = 73,000

If you can help us reach our target please donate here:
Account name: Street Dog Watch association Bank: Bank of Baroda vizhinjam Account no: 81480200000046 IFS Code: BARB0VJVIZH
Call/WhatsApp-87144 51118(Malayalam) 8086567101(English) for more info.

An example of what we do each day……
Dog Day Diary
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