puppies & pedigrees

So we have had 13 puppies all rescued at our house after being dumped in the street. They are on the roof during the day and in our bathroom at night. It has been hard work but the good news is 8 of them have been adopted this month. The 5 left (which I really wanted to keep but Mary put her foot down) we took to the clinic to join 4 others being fostered by one of our volunteers.

It has also been a bad time for pedigree dogs being dumped as we rescued a Rottweiler and 2 Great Danes. Unfortunately 1 of the Danes passed away but the other now called Frank Bruno is doing well. The Rottweiler had to have her leg amputated but is doing well so far and is now called Asha. It is costing a fortune just to feed these 2 beasts but we have had interest for adoption after sterilization.

Unfortunately we lost Teresa this month who we have had since a puppy when she was rescued with a head injury. She was a nuisance due to her attitude and lack of concentration and social skills but I miss her barking at teatime to let me know it is 4.30pm. R.I.P Teresa.

Had our 1st alcoholic drink after 3 months with friends via the new App system – Brandy and Coke tastes sooooo good and is necessary with 13 screaming puppies!!! Somehow during this get together our friend Rob talked Mary into having her head shaved to raise money for food for street dogs. I will probably have to join her – decision yet to be made.

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