Highlights and lowlights

So it has been a busy month for us – Here are some of the highlights or lowlights depending on how you look at it!

We caught a female dog to sterilize and the next day she gave birth to 5 pups!!! Only 2 survived as they were very premature. One is named Joy and is being fostered until a permanent home can be found. The other was adopted to a local family.

5 pups born at the clinic

A lovely family from the UK come over to Kerala every year and are big supporters of our work. Lisa Tierney and family always help as much as they can when they are over in Kerala and Oliver (Lisas son) is a fantastic singer and offered to do a gig at Seashore Kovalam to raise money for us. It was an 80s themed night and raised Rs26,000 – And the costumes were good fun too!

80s themed night fundraiser
Friendly pup enjoying the music

Our dog Meg had a huge tumor removed from her mouth. We noticed a swelling on her gum and it rapidly grew into a huge tumor. She still snores loudly due to having a blocked nose but it otherwise healthy after the op

Dede (Destiny) had both back legs amputated. She was paralysed in a road accident and her legs were getting very sore. We tried her with a wheelchair but she reacted very badly to it but seems to be getting on fine now her legs are not in her way.

Destiny not happy in her wheelchair
Destiny recovering with Piglet

Piglet arrived. Piglet was a small pup found in a water channel with a severely broken leg. The leg was pinned and after a lot of TLC she began to walk again and now there is no stopping her!! We called her Piglet because she has a deformed nose.

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