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My wife decided that I should do a Blog. After she told me what it was I agreed (I rarely disagree with her – she’s a cockney and I’ve seen The Krays) so she is the one asking the questions and doing the typing and tinternet thing.

Who are you?
Didn’t you read the title??

What do you do?
Pick up poop (I didnt say poop – she said she couldn’t publish the word I used).

Why do you do that?
I have rescued or helped to rescue thousands of dogs in Kerala and what goes in has to come out!

What made you decide to do it?
I didn’t decide. The dogs needed help and so I helped them – It’s not rocket science. I have to admit I didn’t expect it to go from picking up a couple of puppies to looking after over 150 dogs and running a charity for sterilizing them but there it is.

Dog Day Diary

With prices constantly rising we have created a wishlist to improve conditions for dogs in our care, while also reducing our current expenses, so that we can do more rescues & sterilisations. SDW Wishlist: We need facilities to cook food for 120 dogs & save money monthly on dry food – 1) Stove – rs5000Continue reading “Dog Day Diary”

puppies & pedigrees

So we have had 13 puppies all rescued at our house after being dumped in the street. They are on the roof during the day and in our bathroom at night. It has been hard work but the good news is 8 of them have been adopted this month. The 5 left (which I reallyContinue reading “puppies & pedigrees”

It’s raining dogs

We had 3 dogs thrown over the wall at the clinic as pet owners abandoned them during lockdown. Plus 5 young pups dumped at a friends house. The 5 pups are doing OK so far but need constant cleaning and a lot of looking after but the good news is we have had some interestContinue reading “It’s raining dogs”

Lockdown Continues…

Still in Lockdown and most tourists have left and with Mary not working we have no money coming in!! Also some people are abandoning their pets either because they think they can carry the Virus or due to lack of funds to feed them. We rescued a female dog after a road accident and sheContinue reading “Lockdown Continues…”

Lockdown Dog Feeding

Because of Visa regulations I have to leave India every 180 days so I went to the Maldives on the 11th and got back on the 12th – the day before all flights were cancelled due to Corona Virus Lockdown. Lockdown started on the 20th so arranged passes for ambulance and dog feeding (foreigners notContinue reading “Lockdown Dog Feeding”

Puppy Love Party

All of our supporters are amazing and the ones staying in Kerala are real sports when it comes to trying to raise money for us. Every month during the season we have a party to raise as much money as possible to keep us going. This years Valentine Party was held at Mollys and involvedContinue reading “Puppy Love Party”


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