Steves’ week in India

Another week of sadness and heartache – Shelley, the sweetest dog you could ever meet passed away after a short illness. I will certainly have a large space in my weeks to come. Inevitably tears flowed and memories came flooding back over the last few days of the little things we did together. R.I.P Shelley Belly.

More rescues this week and 2 more seriously injured dogs have moved into our home – Total now is 96!

The first was Bambi a 6 month old terrier lookalike was dumped at Kovalam Junction – her crime was that she couldnt walk properly! But after 3 days of effort she can now move around the garden on her own!

Secondly a small 6 week old maggot riddled pup now named Grace by the lady who rescued her. Mary has worked tirelessly to clean her up and fingers crossed she will make it.

Now some positive news!  Thanks to Remsy and Toms from Invigro Pet food Company an appointment has been secured for me to meet Mr Jaleel who is the head of the self governing bodies in Trivandrum with the aim of SDW becoming an official sterilising organisation for Kerala. After many hours of burning the candle at both ends, the proposal is prepared and we are just waiting for a phone call.

Best wishes to my mate Bazza who had an operation on Friday the 13th.

Finally Happy Anniversary to my mum and dad as well as Happy Birthday to Bobby Charlton and my mum!

Steve’s Heartbreak 22/09/17

Although the work we do is very rewarding there are sad times around each corner. For example last week I had to say goodbye to 7 dogs. On monday the 7 puppies we had raised at our home since they were 7 days old went to our clinic hopefully for adoption! Despite chaos, sleepless nights and alot of cleaning, to see them grow was a pleasure.

On Wednesday the really difficult and heartbreaking part of this work is when you are informed (too late) about dogs in distress. This happened in Venganoor while at the Post Office I was told of a dog lying in the monsoon water, which was at least 18 inches deep, and the poor girl was just about holding her head up. After lifting her up and holding her close to me we got her back to the clinic. Unfortunately she only lasted another 24 hours as she was not strong enough to pull through. I asked locally about her and they said she had been there for at least 12 hours in the monsoon rain.

On the same day I had the same story of a puppy in a water channel and unfortunately it was the same outcome within 12 hours.

We tried and failed this time but we will keep trying to do our best.

When I get home I only have to go through my gates and the lucky dogs at home are all pleased to see me and show their appreciation and affection for the work we do every day.

Varkala – dog catching for sterilisation


Sterilising the strays is the only way to keep the numbers of dogs on the street down.We focus on sterilising and vaccinating as many as we can and are currently being sponsored to do so in Varkala by the District Tourism Promotion Council of Trivandrum.

We are sterilising 15 dogs every week at the moment. To help us continue please go to our donations page.